The Tannery «NIKI S.A»., operated as a leather processing and trading industry, at least until 1970 at 174-6 Orfeos Street, the main artery of the Eleonas area of Athens, a street known as the “street of the tanneries” . In the area, since the 1870s, a multitude of crafts and industries have been housed, especially after the railway connection of Athens with the port of Piraeus (1875), which provided the condition for its industrial development.

It is probably the most important tannery in the area, which came to employ around 180 workers in the late 1940s. It operated continuously until 1979 serving all stages of tanning, from the pre-industrial era to the industrialization stage and then to the industrialized tannery of our time. He managed to survive by modernizing his equipment, importing machinery from Italy.

The building complex, as it appears in its current form, is the result of successive extensions and modifications carried out over time, for its better functioning.

VALUES has been assigned with the valuation of the market value of the asset as well as its promotion to the market.

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City Link


City Link is an Athenian landscape and the only historically preserved building utilized as a commercial block in the center of Athens. Its unique location along with its very strong tenant mix make City Link a shopping destination like no other combining everything and anything that a consumer might wish for.

VALUES has been assigned with the valuation of the rental value of City Link on behalf of the Hellenic Army Equity Fund.

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The Olympic Equestrian Centre in Markopoulo, Attica, is a property of significant size, where an integrated complex of open and closed facilities and infrastructures have been developed, and where the equestrian sports of the 2004 Olympic Games were hosted.

The shape of the property is irregular, practically flat and borders with the horse racing facilities.

The proposal is to develop the property with uses of “Theme – Recreation Park” which allow the development of new activities, alongside the existing functions of a sporting nature.

VALUES  has been assigned to determine the amount of the Final Rent (FR) consisting of a) the Upfront Consideration (UC) and b) the offered Annual Rent in present value for 40-years.




The project concerning the creation of Athens‘ largest park of more than 50 hectares in Eleonas – within the framework of the Double Redevelopment has been initiated with the approval of the tender documents and the terms of the tender by the Finance Committee of the Municipality of Athens.

VALUES has been assigned with the valuation of the market value of various properties that needed to be acquired by the Municipality of Athens.


Xenia Hotel on Kythnos


Estimation of market and objective value (for 99 yearlong usage) of a property in “Loutra”, Kythnos


  • Xenia Hotel; a 3-storey building with 46 rooms (92 beds) and an auxiliary building
  • Spa; 14 baths, hydromassage, auxiliary spaces (traditional building)
  • Spa wing (unfinished); old 2-storey building where “Agion Anargiron” thermal spring is located
  • Right of use thermal spring
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Parking Omirou


A very unique property with a great history and endurance to the test of time is always a challenge to respond to modern demands. VALUES undertook the Facility Management of the multistorey parking. One of the tasks to be implemented immediately was the installation of Full Cantilever Shade Structure in order to create new parking spaces on the rooftop.

All these operations had to be carried out while the parking business was in full service in one of the most commercial areas of Athens. A challenging project successfully completed! Until the next project!

We are Values and we can do it!!!



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