Xenia Hotel on Kythnos


Estimation of market and objective value (for 99 yearlong usage) of a property in “Loutra”, Kythnos


  • Xenia Hotel; a 3-storey building with 46 rooms (92 beds) and an auxiliary building
  • Spa; 14 baths, hydromassage, auxiliary spaces (traditional building)
  • Spa wing (unfinished); old 2-storey building where “Agion Anargiron” thermal spring is located
  • Right of use thermal spring
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Parking Omirou


A very unique property with a great history and endurance to the test of time is always a challenge to respond to modern demands. VALUES undertook the Facility Management of the multistorey parking. One of the tasks to be implemented immediately was the installation of Full Cantilever Shade Structure in order to create new parking spaces on the rooftop.

All these operations had to be carried out while the parking business was in full service in one of the most commercial areas of Athens. A challenging project successfully completed! Until the next project!

We are Values and we can do it!!!



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