Feasibility Studies

Feasibility study analyses the market factors influencing the project and various demographic and economic attributes of the given market area. Special attention is given to the potential for future growth, the identification and analysis of existing and future competitive projects and their potential impact on the subject project, as well as evaluation of the project’s expected penetration on the local market. Time series projections of income and expenses are prepared and discounted to a present worth based on expected requirements of debt and equity. Financial models are developed to show most probable scenarios and estimate return on invested capital.

Our experts will challenge your projects feasibility through the time component, value component and market sensitivity component. Our feasibility studies contain the following scope:
  •     Opinion on feasibility

  •     Project overview

  •     Macroeconomic environment

  •     Real estate market overview 

  •     Targeted market research

  •     Micro market analysis
  •     Competitive analysis

  •     Micro location analysis

  •     Legal overview of the project

  •     Definition of applicable generic strategy

  •     Definition of marketing and sales strategies

  •     Definition of project plan and timelines
  •     Definition of operational and risk management strategies

  •     Highest and Best Use considerations
  •     Financial modeling and cash flow considerations
  •     Sensitivity analysis